Microsoft Windows Best Gaming Operating System

Microsoft Windows Best Gaming Operating System

It’s Windows 10 because 7 8 9

Microsoft Windows is definitely the most popular operating system and was recognized as groundbreaking when Microsoft first launched Windows 3.0 since it streamlined the user’s interface and did bring computers closer to the general public.

Support for Microsoft Windows 7 Ended January 14, 2020

Windows 7 has now come to an end of life, meaning that it no longer gets security updates and that your data is no longer on a safe platform. To this effect, Windows Latest reports Windows 7 users now receive full-screen warnings.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s how you get a free update to your Windows 10:

  1. Click here to download Windows 10
  2. You will access the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool by clicking the* Download Tool Now. *
  3. Once finished, launch the file and accept the terms of the license
  4. Select *Upgrade this PC now* then press *Next*
  5. Select *Keep personal files and apps*
  6. Click *Install* Note that it takes a while, involving multiple restarts
  7. Only after installed open: Settings > Windows Update > Activation to activate your digital license under Windows 10.
  8. If you have not previously activated your older version of Windows, enter your *genuine* Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 product key.

If you want to verify that you have successfully enabled your license later, open: Settings > Update & Security > Activation.

Note: The license for Windows 10 is linked to your hardware. Therefore, Windows 10 will automatically reactivate if you need to format your computer for any reason.

Tip: if, as part of a software update, you change several components in your PC, Windows 10 will erroneously assume that you have acquired a new PC and fail to automatically recognize the license. Luckily, if that happens, Microsoft has a simple procedure.

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