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Kingdom New Lands” is a “sequel” to Kingdom that became advanced via Noio and posted via raw Fury games. the game released for the computer Platform “Steam” on August 9th, 2016, and the original recreation turned into renamed from Kingdom to Kingdom: classic.

Kingdom New Lands” is available on numerous platforms: Android, IOS, Linux, Nintendo switch, pc, ps, and Xbox. the game become nominated for the SXSW Gamer’s Voice Awards, and has received the award for “best of show” inside the 2015 Indie arena booth.

Kingdom New Lands Premise and Tale

New Lands is similar to the original recreation in terms of a monarch looking to set up a long-lasting nation while being attacked with the aid of otherworldly monsters. but, the monarch starts shipwrecked on an island, and has the intention of crusing away to a one-of-a-kind island before getting overrun. in addition flavors are delivered to the gameplay, as listed under in “New capabilities”.

Its miles advised via the numerous surrounding ruins that this isn’t the first monarch to decide the islands. The presence of beneficial ghosts and other characters shows that the collective efforts of human beings at the islands to live to tell the tale and thrive had been ongoing for decades.

Kingdom New Lands

New Features

New Lands capabilities several new additions to the sport, inclusive of however no longer restrained to:

  • Mechanics – numerous insects and/or difficult mechanics in kingdom had been corrected, as well as new capabilities being delivered, to permit the participant a greater a laugh, engaging, and hard surroundings at the same time as playing the game.
  • “level design” – as an alternative of having most effective one world/level play on, there are actually six distinctive islands which you could construct your nation upon, every island greater hard than the final with unique unlockables (which includes new horses (and a undergo)) from every island.
  • The boat – Your number one method of transportation to move from island to island. finishing production in this vessel and boarding it manner that you’ve crushed the extent you had been presently gambling on, and now you could circulate directly to any other island.
  • Mounts – tired of driving the same horses? Why no longer try this sort of new horses? or maybe a stag or a undergo? There are now numerous mounts for the Monarch to journey.
  • subjects – inside the woodland you may encounter Hermits who allow you to with your construction tasks. Or, back at home you may unencumber the Banker who can to begin with preserve your coins safe for you.
  • Statues – greater mysterious stone shrines can be found most of the ruins, imparting new boosts and buffs to take into account.
  • Seasons – the kingdom now observes the passing of the year as the islands trade in line with seasons. each season has its own outcomes at the kingdom’s sports, with the maximum great season being the tough and endless iciness.

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