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Bananatic Review – 1 Way To Play Free Games and Earn Money

Let’s get down to basics

 What's  Bananatic?  

Bananatic is an outstanding platform where games are played and awarded! Everyone can get prizes and be part of it! Simply invest your time by taking the time to play Free Pc games to get amazing prizes! Build and win your special avatar!

 How does it work?

Bananatic presents a couple of methods that will reward you for your time! A digital currency referred to as “Bananas” that can be effortlessly exchanged for dozens of different rewards.
In order to select up these Bananas, your principal mission is to progress inside games and complete associated quests. Easy Enough!

How are you going to earn bananas? 

It’s simple, you simply play games! Sounds incredible? No hidden strings attached. Just pick a game from Bananatic’s cutting-edge offers, register a new account and play! Simple as that… Each game carries its very own set of special quests or challenges. Read them cautiously in order to gain a required degree of progression.

MMO lovers? Sci-fi fans? Strategic minds? Action seekers? The listing of games is long… There are surely lots of ways to earn bananas! See for yourself! And the quality gamers are usually taken into consideration in two month-to-month rankings. The extra lively users obtain even more!

 Is gaming not your thing? 

Don’t worry! There are different methods of earning Bananas. My favorite is sharing your Bananactic referral link, answering surveys, downloading apps, and a whole lot more!

Each new user = $$$ for you!What does this mean?
Get $1 for each user who gathers 500 bananas.

What are you going to get for your time? 
  • Paysafecards
  • Steam Wallet
  • Games’ codes
  • Bananas’ skins
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive skins and cases
  • Games’ premium currency
  • Playstation and Xbox cards
  • Spotify/Facebook/Amazon gift cards and many, many more!
How do I register?

Simply go to the Bananactic registration page to start your Bananactic account registration.

You are provided with a couple of different signup options to complete this process.

Signup with:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Additionally, you may signup with preferred email
Bananactic signup page

Now that the registration has been done. Let’s go through the pages and their context.

Games Page

Bananatic has a wide range of games from a to z. It is then broken down into types of games such as Role Playing Games, Action, Strategy, MMO, Simulation, Sport, Family, and other games.

Earn Bananas Page

Quests Tab

  • Perform quests from Game

Advert Tab

  • Complete tasks from Sponsors

Fun Zone Tab

  • Play Free Pc Games

Partners Tab

  • Buy Product’s Shopping through Shop

Recommend Tab

Spend Bananas Page

 Use bananas at the Bananatic Shop.

Game Currency Tab

  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends RP
  • Wargaming (WoT)

Games and Prepaids Tab

  • Google Play 5 GBP (UK)
  • Google Play 10 GBP (UK)
  • Google Play 15 GBP (UK)
  • Spy Chameleon – RGB Agent
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • PSN $20 (US)
  • PaySafeCard $10 (US)
  • Steam Wallet Card $5
  • XBOX Live Gold 3 Months

Digital Keys Tab

  • Register account with and get discounts on games using bananas

Hardware Tab

  • Development Phase

Paysafe Card Tab

Steam Wallet Tab

Character Creator Tab

CS: GO Skins Tab

Amazon Tab

Gift Card House Tab

PayPal Tab

Bananabet Page

 Try your luck with Bananabet

Games Currency

Gift Card House

Digital Keys

CS: GO Keys

Games and Prepaid

Character Creator

Forums Page

playing free pc games-4

Giveaway Page

playing free pc games -5

Prizes for completing tasks

  • Free Random Steam key
  • Free Steam Key for a specific game
  • Free Random Premium Steam key

If you’d like to use Bananatic on a mobile device. They also have an Android app available.

Android Account/Home Screen

Games Menu

Android Offer Walls Menu

Android Notifications Menu

Bananatic Android Prizes Menu

Bananatic Android Funzone

Bananatic overview

  • Register at Bananatic on Pc or Android or both
  • Play Free Pc Games
  • Earn bananas
  • Go to Bananatic Shop
  • Purchase Items with earned bananas
  • Bet bananas to win stuff
  • Forum for Questions and Answers
  • Get Rewards for Free

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